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Our Professional Praise

This Section contains testimonials from our clients & customers.

Our Clients:

  • We value their praise because it generates referrals, the key to our success
  • We appreciate their input and commentary because the speak their minds
  • We understand that for every negative experience a person statistically tells 10 people and
    for each positive experience they tell 1


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Luckily we found Jon Lipton at Castle Rock 272
I owe you a big Thank You! 969
FINALLY! We were able to sort out the COI 1451
You Rock! 1915
Best I Have Seen in 13 years 1997
Thanks for your patience with me through the whole insurance process 3466
Short Notice Quick Reply General Contractor 3868
One of the most pleasant sales people 3081
Auto Insurance - George Z - Queens New York NY 3202
Scott N - Home Insurance -
Lisa B - Auto Insurance Client 2851
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  • Constituant Testimonials  ( 1 items )

    Our Professional Praise

    This Section contains testimonials from constituents.

    These are the people that know the insurance business, know the insurance industry, know how to rate and issue policies and coverages.  What they say means the world to us because they know what we do, because they do it too.  We receive praise on a regular basis from representatives for:

    • State Farm Insurance Agents

    • Allstate Insurance Agents

    • Nationwide Insurance Agents

    • Liberty Mutual Insurance Agents

    • Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers

    Our Constituents

    • Being good at something means more when people in tour industry recognize it
    • Being appreciated by someone that understands the industry means more than getting a pat on the back from most outsider (except our clients)
    • Being told that you rank amoung the best by a competitor is an accolade.
  • Carrier Testimonials  ( 0 items )

    Our Professional Praise

    This Section contains testimonials from our Insurance Carriers.

    These are the entities, organizations, companies and insurance representatives in the industry and what they have to say.

    Our Carriers

    • Gaining respect with our carriers keeps up at the top of their list
    • It allows us to rate risks quickly with trust and respect
    • It allows us to issue policies quickly with confidence
    • It permits us to negotiate rates and get lower rates due to our expertise and their acknowledgement of it
Monday, May 01, 2017
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