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Terrorism Insurance Quote…also known as TRIA, is becoming an increasingly important form of insurance coverage in the uncertain world we live in now. Most businesses and landlords have either rejected this coverage in the past or have purchased a different form of this coverage known as TRIA. Over the last several years the need for Terrorism insurance has increased exponentially due to the various attacks on our home soil. In addition many lenders are mandating the coverage be purchased for closings on real estate such as apartment buildings and constructions projects.

Terrorism insurance coverage

What is Terrorism Insurance?

Terrorism Insurance Coverage can provide coverage to Real estate owners, restaurant owners, hotels, casinos, groceries, churches, temples or any other type of business in the event of a terror attack carried out by an organization or lone wolf. In recent weeks there has been a flux of terror attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota that have negatively affected businesses, possibly putting some of the businesses, out of business. Terrorism Insurance can reimburse businesses for loss of income, damage to their property, damage to buildings and lawsuits brought on by third parties for injuries for negligence.

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What does Terrorism Insurance cover?

Terrorism Insurance is designed to protect your business in the event of a terror attack in the form of a bomb, gunfire, knife wielding attackers. It can offer coverage for loss of income, damaged property, damaged building, loss of income due to threat coverage, indirect coverage due to an attack that is a block away, defense cost for lawsuits arising out of negligence where bodily injury takes place. Additionally, our Terrorism Insurance Policy can provide coverage for your Building, your contents, your lost business income or rents.

Who Should Have Terrorism Insurance?

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Anyone that owns a business or real estate. Perfect examples of this are Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Movie theaters, Casinos, Apartment Building owners, Condominiums, and any other business in any area that feels they could be directly or indirectly exposed by a terror attack.

How is a Terrorism Insurance Policy Rated?

A Terrorism Policy is rated on several factors. Location of the business or asset, construction of the property, the limit of property insurance coverage you seeking, the amount of liability insurance coverage you need.

What Does Terrorism Insurance Cost?

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Terrorism insurance costs are much like any other insurance product. There no real normal or average rate because they are based on the location and limits you are looking to purchase. Locations that are more prone to a terror attack will carry higher premiums. Minimum premiums start at $ 1,000 annually and can be bought for multiple years for construction projects small or large.


Because every risk is different, underwriting a Terrorism insurance policy is complicated. If you need a quote on Terrorism Insurance Coverage, please complete a Terrorism Insurance quote request .  We are the reasonable solution for your Terrorism Insurance Policy. Castle Rock Capacity Agency currently offers Terrorism Insurance Policy Coverage in California, CA, Connecticut, CT, Florida, FL, Illinois, IL, New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, Pennsylvania, PA, Texas, TX.

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