As an owner of a Tanning Salon it is crucial that you carry a Tanning Salon Insurance Policy to protect yourself, your business and your clients.

Tanning Salon Insurance QuoteAs with many businesses, owning and operating a tanning salon has a potential for serious harm or injury. Although, owning a tanning salon is a great business not having the proper Tanning Salon Insurance can result in a catastrophe in the event of a loss or claim. Be sure as you shop around for coverage that you clearly understand the difference between general liability insurance and professional liability insurance coverages. It is important to carry both of these types of insurance. General liability insurance will protect your business in the event that bodily injury or property damage to others as a result of your business operations, you then becomes legally obligated to pay damages, unless you have an insurance company behind you to defend such suits. The proper Tanning Salon Insurance Policy will also cover damages to property or persons from a third party.

For example, if you owned a tanning salon and one of your clients fell and broke their leg while walking in the door this would be covered by the bodily injury liability insurance.

Tanning Salon Insurance

Professional liability insurance for tanning salons is designed to provide coverage to professionals for claims arising out of their professional activities or professional services provided to your clients. For example, one of your tanning salon clients is severely burned in one of your beds. This is directly related to your “profession” as a tanning salon operator and would fall under the professional liability insurance aspect of your insurance coverages.

People often call and ask the simple question:

How much does the average Tanning Salon Insurance Policy Cost?

This is obviously an impossible question to answer. Factors like like the following directly impact insurance costs: amount of property your business owns, where you are located, how many clients do you server weekly, do you have any past claims.

Tanning Salon Insurance

General liability insurance can be lumped together in an insurance package that may include your business property. These general liability plans will contain exclusions for professional liability claims. You can see why it is important to have all of these insurance coverages, general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and property insurance What should you look for and consider when shopping for Tanning Salon Insurance?


  • Does your Tanning Salon Insurance Policy cover business interruption, property damage due to fire, employee claims for harassment or unlawful discharge, and a director and officer liability coverage? Make sure all your risks are covered adequately.
  • Tanning Salon Insurance

    Are the coverage limits going to be high enough, what will it cost you to rebuild your business in the event of a total loss?

  • Are the exclusions on your insurance policy, if so what are they?
  • Are there any holes in your insurance coverage? You must read your policies carefully to make sure the wording doesn’t exclude certain coverage. You can ask for extended coverage or a special form insurance policy, for anything that is excluded, but you have to ask for it.

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