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Restaurant Insurance Quote

Taking the Risk Out of Restaurant Insurance In Pennsylvania


Restaurants, historically, shape a community, and can be a great source of income. A proper Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance Policy Coverage will be your greatest tool if you have a loss. As a Restaurant Owner or Restaurant Manager it is imperative that you insure your restaurant so it is properly protected with the right Restaurant Insurance Policy. Our agency offers the best coverage for the best rates.

In today's world, businesses can be held liable for practically anything. That's particularly true in the hospitality industry, where businesses may be named in lawsuits for incidents that occurred off premises or were only remotely connected to the establishment.


That's where Castle Rock Agency comes in for your Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance. We offer property, general liability, liquor liability, assault and battery and excess liability insurance coverage to liquor serving or selling establishments.  Castle Rock Agency offers the assurance and peace of mind that come from knowing your business is protected from unexpected claims.


Pennsylvania Restaurant Property Insurance Coverage

Hospitality Insurance Company's commercial property coverage protects you for your covered property losses. Property can include:

Building Insurance, Personal Property Insurance, Inventory Coverage and Loss of Income Insurance


Our Pennsylvania Restaurant Property Insurance enhancement endorsement provides you with a multitude of additional coverages.

Highlights of the endorsement include:


  • Spoilage due to mechanical breakdown Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance

  • Employee theft

  • Money & securities - inside/outside

  • Electronic data

  • Building ordinance

  • Brands & labels

  • Personal effects and property of others

  • Property off premises

  • Off premises utility service failure


Pennsylvania Restaurant General Liability Coverage

Our Restaurant Insurance Company's commercial general liability coverage protects your business and staff from wide range of liability claims.

  • Competitive rates

  • We accepts risks other insurers avoid Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance

  • Offer discounts to clients who purchase both liquor liability and general liability insurance coverage

  • Coverage of up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000

  • Assault and battery coverage for liquor and non liquor-related incidents

  • Expanded property damage coverage

  • Flexible payment options, including credit cards and direct billing

  • Hired and non-owned auto insurance coverage 

  • Special events insurance coverage is now available


Pennsylvania Restaurant Liquor Liability Coverage

Our restaurant Insurance offers liquor liability coverage to thousands of businesses including

  • Bars Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance

  • Nightclubs

  • Restaurants

  • Convenience stores

  • Social clubs

  • Special events

  • Package stores - highly preferred rates

  • Caterers

  • New ventures

  • Taverns

  • Bowling alleys

  • Other liquor serving or selling establishments


Excess Liability Insurance Coverage (Umbrella Liability Insurance)

Our Restaurant Insurance package provides excess liability coverage with limits up to $3,000,000. This coverage is available when you write both the general liability and liquor liability coverage.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Extends the general liability occurrence limit from $1,000,000 up to $4,000,000 Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance

  • Extends the liquor liability occurrence limit from $1,000,000 up to $4,000,000

  • Extends optional assault & battery occurrence limit from $1,000,000 up to $4,000,000


Preferred rates

Clients who qualify for preferred liquor rates are eligible for substantially reduced premiums, with additional coverage extension options.


Many people often ask, "what is the average cost for insurance in Pennsylvania? Average cost is immaterial, our best interest is to supply you with the lowest cost restaurant insurance for your restaurant, click here to get a free quote on your Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance.

As many people have already found out, Castle Rock Insurance Agency is the best stop for a quote on Pennsylvania Restaurant Insurance.  We are the low cost solution for your Restaurant Insurance Policy.
Castle Rock Agency currently offers this Exclusive Restaurant Insurance Policy Coverage in Pennsylvania, PA.

Restaurant Insurance Quote


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