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Winter Driving Tips

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Driving in winter weather can be a challenge, the following are some winter driving tips to help you navigate the ice and snow of the rough winter roads.

To ensure you arrive at your destination safely, follow these winter driving safety tips:
  • "Know before you go" by checking road conditions BEFORE you travel.
  • Turn on your lights to increase your visibility and brush the snow off your lights and taillights.
  • Slow down and drive according to the conditions.
  • Never drive through "white-outs" or "snow fog" caused by crosswinds or plowing snow.
  • Don't assume that sanded roads will have good traction. The sand can sink into the snow, leaving a slick surface.
  • Allow more time to get 10 your destination. Patience is the key
  • Never use cruise control on wet or icy roadways.
  • Is It Safe to Pass a Snowplow?
  • Be extremely cautious when passing a snowplow. They can be moved sideways by drifts and hard snow pack.
  • Stay back at least five car lengths behind the plow to be clear of snow, fog, and sanding material that can reduce your visibility.
  • Know where the snowplow Is on multi-lane roadways, e,g, in either lane, on the shoulder, highway ramps, and authorized vehicle only crossovers. 
Winter Driving Tips
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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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