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When you drive your car into Mexico, typically your American Auto Insurance or Canadian Auto Insurance policy is not valid.You Will Need Auto Insurance for Mexico.

The Mexican government will not recognize foreign insurance.Mexico Auto Insurance

For this reason you will need insurance that will insure your auto while in Mexico. An insurance policy for Mexican Auto Insurance, one you will find with us and while your auto is in Mexico you will also be required to have a Temporary Import Permit For Vehicles.

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With this guide you will have the necessary information with tips for a safe trip with your family while traveling with your auto to Mexico and in Mexico.

For Auto Insurance in Mexico, We Offer:

The Broadest Selection of Insurance Companies

Competitive Priced Policies

Variety of Coverages and Special Options

From Daily Through Annual Coverages

Excellent Online or Phone Service to follow up on a Claim Settlement


Driving to Mexico you will need:


Auto Insurance for Mexico

Temporary import permit for vehicles


Auto Insurance

To enjoy your travel, we offer you many coverages for your family and vehicle while in Mexico.

1. Vehicle Property Damage



Strikes and Riots

Natural Disasters

Fire, Lightning and/or Explosion

2. Total Theft

3. Medical Expenses for your vehicle’s occupants

4. Legal Aid and Bail bond

5. Road Side Assistance 24 hrs

6. Additional Coverages: (Ask your agent for additional coverages)

Repairs in USA

Fix Deductible

Partial Theft

Vandalism, etc.

TIPS for bringing you Vehicle into Mexico

  • Don’t forget to insure any vehicle’s special equipment.
  • Report any accident before you exit
  • Mexico and keep a copy of the report.
  • Keep a copy of any other document (permit, insurance, registration, etc.) never leave the originals inside the
  • vehicle.
  • Don’t park in jam-packed places or narrow streets.


Information for the Temporary Import Permit For Vehicles

(Foreign plates) by Mexican Law.

1. Personal Documents: (It depends on the nationality of the person importing the vehicle)


A. Mexican citizen: (Provide one of the following documents)

Permanent Resident: Resident alien card.

Proof of work authorization in the foreign country.

Authorization must be valid for more than one year.

 B. Foreign citizen: (Provide one of the following documents)

Foreign passport.

Birth Certificate.

Certificate of naturalization.

Voter’s registration card.

2. Vehicle documents:

A. If you are the owner of the vehicle: (Certificate of ownership)

Vehicle title.

Valid vehicle registration certificate.

Notarized permission to take the vehicle outside of the country from the leasing company or the financing institution (if the vehicle is not paid off).

B. If you are not the owner of the vehicle: (Any one of the following documents)

Owned by the spouse or children: A document that roves ownership and a valid document such as
marriage or birth certificates.

Owned by the company where you work, you must present a document that proves ownership by the
company and a document stating that the importer is an employee of that company.

Owned by a leasing company: A leasing contract which includes the importer's name.

3. Guarantee and Payment:

A. Credit or Debit Card:

The card must be issued to the importer’s name.

The card must be valid nternationally.

The card must be issued in the United States.

The card must have the Visa, MasterCard or American Express logos.

The card must be activated to accept charges made in other countries (Mexico).

4. Place to Process:

A. Mexican consulates

See consulates list at (Spanish)

B. International cross border and Bridges

See list at (Spanish)

C. Internet


Total cost $49.50 USD

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 Note: This information was obtained from (August 23, 2006).

 Mexico Auto Insurance

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