Product Liability for Electronic Cigarettes, E Liquids, and Vape Juice

Electronic Cigarette Vape Liquid Products Liability Insurance QuoteThe Electronic Cigarette and Vape business is a booming industry. Every year hundreds of new E Liquids, Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Products come to market. For these to reach their full sales potential, many need to be sold online, appear in retail markets, be added to web stores. In order to do so or be properly protected from claims and law suits Vape and E-Cigarette manufacturers need Product Liability Insurance.

Castle Rock Agency Currently offers  Product Liability Insurance for the Electronic Cigarette Industry including coverage for:

E Liquids
Vape Juices
Drip Tips
Electronic Cigarette Mods

Vape Coils
E Cigarette Tanks
Electronic Hookas

Is Product Liability Insurance for Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers & Distributors is Difficult to Obtain?

electronic cigarette product liability insuranceNot for us. Product Liability for food products is typically simple to obtain, however the Electronic Cigarette Market is much smaller and many insurance carriers will not write Product Insurance for E Liquids, Vape Juices or Electronic Cigarettes. Furthermore the prices continue to increase as the industry continues to grow and the potential for there to be claims increases. However our carriers gives us access to Product Liability Markets many other brokers do not have access to.

Placing your Electronic Cigarette Insurance through us offers you benefits such as the availability of:

  • Product Liability Coverage for discontinued products or prior acts
  • Product Liability Coverage for new and start-up businesses
  • Premises Liability for your Manufacturing facility

Who Should Have Products Liability Insurance for Your Electronic Cigarette Business?

Anyone that is responsible for the design, manufacture, sale or
distribution of a component or end user product. This applies to any
business or individual that manufactures his own product or even if the
product’s manufacturing is subcontracted out buy another operation, even
if you are a reseller of a product that has a manufacturing operation overseas.

How is a Products Liability Insurance Policy Rated for Electronic Cigarette & Vape Liquid?

A Products Liability Insurance Policy is rated on several factors. 

  • What is the product you are covering
  • How many of these products will be distributed into the market
  • Who is manufacturing the product?
  • What are they used for and who will be using them
  • How long are they intended to lastE Liquid product liability insurance
  • What are the ingredients
  • Where are they manufactured
  • Who is manufacturing your product
  • How clearly defined are the usage instructions, directions and guarantees and or warranties that are provided with the product
  • What claims does the manufacturer or distributor make about the product, either in writing, demonstration or in media.

What Does Products Liability Insurance Cost for Electronic Cigarette and Vape Liquid Manufacturers?

Products liability insurance costs for the E Cigarette Industry are much like any other liability insurance product. There no real average rate or normal rate because they are based on the specific type of product you manufacture, retail or market. There are some products that pose very little potential to cause harm oVape Juice product liability insurancer damage and there are others that have a higher propensity to be risky, and therefore carry higher premiums. Generally insurance costs can be as low as $2800 and increase from there depending on the product and the quantity sold.

How much Products Liability Insurance do I need for my Electronic Cigarette Products?

The amount of coverage required can vary, important factors to consider when shopping product liability insurance limits are: How much coverage do my vendors require me to have to stock my product? What do I stand to lose if our Electronic Cigarette company is sued? Because claims or allegations against supplement manufacturers can be severe or deadly, you may want to discuss your insurance requirements with vendors or an attorney before making any decisions.

Keep in mind that due to the clientele, which tend to be ex-smokers with a history of tobacco use, that claim frequency and severity could be high and the likelihood for a class action law suit does exist.

Because Electronic Cigarette and Vape Liquid Operation is different, underwriting a products liability insurance policy for your product is complicated. If you need a quote on Products Liability Insurance Coverage for your E-Cigarette Company please complete a product liability quote request . Castle Rock Capacity Insurance Agency currently offers Products Liability Insurance Policy Coverage in New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, California, CA, Massachusetts, MA Connecticut, CT, Florida, FL, Pennsylvania, PA, Illinois, IL, West Virginia, WV, and Virginia, VA.

E Liquids and Vape Juice Products Liability Insurance Coverage
Electronic Cigarette Product Liability Insurance


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