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Online New York State Defensive Driving Course

Online New York State Defensive Driving Course NY

The 6 Hour New York State Defensive Driving Course is now available Online.

Online New York Defensive Driving Course

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Most employers in our industry, whether the management company or the homeowners association directly, believe that substantial costs can be saved by their associations utilizing independent contractors in lieu of employees.

By hiring independent contractors the employer attempts to avoid costs related to:

  • Salaries

  • Benefits

  • Payroll and unemployment taxes

  • Labor law disputes

  • Wage and hour claims

  • Overtime

  • Workers compensation coverage

  • Responsibility for most worker negligence occurrences

The employer also avoids having to supply office space, overhead, and equipment/supplies normally associated with an employer/employee relationship. Furthermore, if the employer becomes unhappy with the worker's performance, it can easily change to another independent contractor without having to experience the trauma associated with terminating an employee.

6 Largest Products Liability Insurance Suits

Products Liability Insurance Quote

Products Liability Claims

Manufacturing, distributing, marketing and reselling products can often seem like a harmless venture until there is a Product Liability Suit.

However, from time to time, and lately more frequently, issues arise that cause damages, injury and even death. When they do lawsuits ensue. When several people get involved in the lawsuit, class action lawsuits ensue which have the potential to be catastrophic, often costing manufacturers or their insurance companies millions or even billions of dollars.The following are major instances of Product Liability Claims, and they include recalls. Ironically recalls are often excluded from Product Liability Insurance Policies. Aside from severe cases, product Liability Suits can strike small jewelry designers, toy manufactures, clothing designers & manufacturers and to this day the thundering repercussions of paint manufacturing companies that used lead still echo through real estate owners looking for insurance. The following are the 6 of the largest Product Liability Suits, in order of smallest to largest by claim value adjusted for 2008 inflationary factors.

Top 5 Employment Practice Myths. EPLI

EPLI - Failing Economy Plus Layoffs Equals A Lethal Combination… 

A Company can be Financially Devastated when a Savvy Trial Lawyer Teams up with a Disgruntled Employee to File an Employment Practices Related Lawsuit. 

Take steps to protect your client by purchasing Employment Practices Liability Insurance, EPLI, through Castle Rock Agency, Inc.

Here are The Top 5 Expensive Employment - Law Myths . . .

Stunt Coverage For Film Production and Video Production Insurance

Stunt Coverage now available for Film Production Insurance and Video Production Insurance Coverage

Stunt Insurance is avail for the following classifications of Production Insurance Coverages we Offer:

Short Term Productions

Single low budget production taking place in the US.

Short Term Productions II

Single production or series taking place in the US.

Annual Productions

Multiple productions taking place in the US.

For Insurance Purposes, stunts are categorized as follows:

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