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Reading this article may be the first step in protecting you and your business from the ruthless personal injury attorneys that lurk in the shadows of our society and make a living suing people.

Yes, there are legitimate claims being brought to the doors of our courthouses, but many of them are frivolous and unwarranted.

Renovation Contractors May Face Fines with New EPA Regulations

Effective 04-22-2010 New EPA Regulations may face renovation contractors with $37,000 a day fines.

The New EPA Regulations apply to the following:

  • Any contractor renovating any of the following buildings built before 1978
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • School
  • Government
  • Etc.
  • Work now must be performed by a certified contractor
  • Failure to comply results in $37,000 fine per day


New York Cracks Down on General Contractors Liability Insurance

New York City Building Department Issues Notice to General Contractors

In a recent  release the New York City Building Department has ceased accepting Insurance Certificates from General Contractors brandishing Certificates of General Liability Insurance for Artisan Insurance Policies.  Reason being, these policies do not offer coverage the the General Contractors as General Contractors, these are very specifically, Contractor Policies, big difference.

Coop - Condo Insurance Negligence Question

When Negligence Is Suspected


I am a shareholder in a co-op. Last year, my radiator sprang a leak, causing damage to my neighbor below. The board fixed the radiator, and I was not asked to pay for the repair. Now, however, I am being asked to pay for damages to my downstairs neighbor. Am I responsible?

Jewelry Insurance Concerns

Homeowner insurance carriers often have restrictions and capacity limitations for jewelry.

Many carriers are not willing to write higher-value jewelry. It can be difficult to find a policy that adequately covers jewelry and also offers the client a competitive price. A stand-alone jewelry policy (personal articles floater—PAF) addresses the jewelry need without impacting the homeowners policy.

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