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Tropical Storm Sandy Claim Information

Family, Friends, Clients, Neighbors,

sandy-claim-infoWe wanted to send out an email to our family, friends, clients and  neighbors to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by Hurricane Sandy. This horrific, tragic & unprecedented storm has impacted countless numbers of people and businesses in communities in the Northeast and we sincerely hope that all of you and your families and friends are not only well, but also safe. We also hope you are able to begin a return to your daily routines. 

Castle Rock Agency Inc. is a member of the same communities you live in and we have also been affected by this horrific anomaly. We want to let you know that for the last week our power on our block and the surrounding blocks have been diverted to NYU hospital and our phone lines have also been down.  We want to apologize for the clients that have been trying to get through and were unable.  We want to let you know that for the last week we are working behind the scenes, monitoring emails and attempting to return calls as quickly and diligently as possible.   

Hurricane Sandy Update

Good afternoon,

We’re concerned about our customers who may be affected by Sandy.

Please monitor local weather conditions and heed emergency warnings, especially if you’re told to evacuate. We also encourage you to track the storm’s progress on the National Hurricane Center’s website, which features hurricane tracking maps, storm updates and advisories. 

If you suffer a loss as a result of this storm, you can file a claim anytime day or night:

  • Online using Claim Form at
  • Please follow up on any claims you submitted via the web within 24 hours. 
Meanwhile, please stay safe. 

Castle Rock Agency Inc 

Helpful Links:

National Hurricane Center

American Red Cross

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Baby Products Liability Insurance Requirements

Baby Products Liability Insurance Requirements

Retailers Increase Product Liability Insurance Requirements for Manufactures

This week one of America's largest retailers of baby products and home goods released their new Product Liability Insurance requirements to be imposed on makers of  clothing, toys, play items, furniture, car seat, strollers and food items. (Hint the name has lots of B's in it)

These new product liability insurance requirements are startling. 

For small baby product manufacturers, getting ones foot in the door of a large retailer has enough obstacles; floating credit, fronting merchandise, meeting order requirement and of course insurance requirements. In most cases for manufacturers and distributors that have products made overseas, aside from material & production costs, insurance costs can rank at the top of the expense list.


Insurance Defense Costs - What Is Covered

Does Your Business Insurance Policy Cover Defense Costs Within the Insurance Limit or Defense Costs Outside of the Insurance Limit?

Did you know that a liability policy, which is part of any typical business insurance policy or commercial insurance policy coverage, has two distinct obligations? A liability insurance policy, if it is a general liability, product liability or professional liability insurance policy is designed to protect you against your legal obligation to pay others because you have hurt them and/or have damaged their property. A policy also defends you against claims or lawsuits. In other words, besides paying for claims or suits, a liability policy also pays for their related legal costs and court fees.  insurance policy defense cost coverage

Insuring an Internet Based Business

Does Your Internet Based Business Have the Proper Business Insurance

Many businesses are making increasing use of the Internet to promote their products & services. Due to this medium’s connection to savvy, technologically astute consumers, it is an ideal method for promoting and selling products. However, even as greater advantage is being taken of electronic transactions, it is important to keep a bit of old, yet still excellent advice - "Let the buyer beware."  Insuring an Internet Based Business

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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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