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Restaurant Insurance, Building Insurance, Builders Risk Insurance, Church Insurance

Professional Insurance Agency Service 

Castle Rock Insurance Agency is a professional full service Property & Casualty Insurance services boutique serving the Business and Personal Marketplace.

Building Insurance, Restaurant Insurance, Church Insurance, Personal Insurance 

If you are looking for Insurance for a Building, Insurance for a Restaurant, Insurance for a Church, a home & auto or have a business that needs commercial insurance coverage, we will take the time to explain what you are buying, so you understand what is at stake and what you will be protected for.

An Insurance Agency that Educates its Clients 

The key to our success is that we educate our clients to the exposures surrounding their personal and business assets so they can make educated decision as to their own insurance needs. We have been extremely successful in lowering insurance costs for our clients by leveraging our knowledge and relationships within the insurance industry. We always aggressively market and negotiate insurance premiums and coverage’s which usually results in an insurance product that is both comprehensive in coverage and competitive in price.

Are we competitive? Take a look at the long list of carriers we represent. Our job is to match the right company and the right insurance coverage with each individual or company looking for coverage.

Castle Rock Agency, Inc's  founders have a successful history. One was a previous underwriter from one of the nation’s biggest insurance wholesalers and the former president of one of the largest privately owned retail insurance agencies in New York City.  The other has almost a decade of experience as a underwriter with prior experience as a health care administrator with 2 back-to-back JCAHO commendations.

At Castle Rock we take the time to understand the operations of our clients and try to put together an insurance program that best suits their needs. No matter the size of the premium of an account, we treat all our clients with the same respect and attention.

Our success is embedded in our ability to continually surpass our client’s expectations. We are a company of people with a single-minded commitment to Customer Satisfaction. It is this attitude that makes Castle Rock stand out as a leader within the insurance community. And it is this attitude that can be seen in the quality of the services we provide to our customers.  We always strive to build relationships for life by exceeding expectations.

Insurance Experience and Expertise 

Experience - Our group of insurance professionals are among the most experienced in the industry. Importantly, our business model allows them to dedicate the necessary senior-level attention to clients.

If you are a commercial, business, personal or organizational client, or provide a personal service, you can benefit from our expertise.  Castle Rock Insurance Agency serves the personal and business insurance needs of individuals, families and businesses.

We Currently Offer Restaurant Insurance, Building Insurance, Church Insurance, Contractors Insurance, Builders Risk Insurance, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Umbrella, and Bonds in New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, and Pennsylvania, PA.

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Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winter weather can be a challenge, the following are some winter driving tips to help you navigate the ice and snow of the rough winter roads.

Product Liability Insurance for Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers

Products Liability Insurance Quote

Product Liability Insurance - Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Manufacturers

     A very real concern in the realm of product liability insurance is the distinction between wholesalers, distributors and manufactures. The distinction in question is “Who takes responsibility for product liability claims in the event of damage or bodily injury?” Is it the retailer, the wholesaler, the distributor or the manufacturer?

Who is considered the product manufacturer? 

      In operational lingo, outside of the microcosm of product liability insurance, an entity that produces a product is considered the manufacturer, however, in the world of

product liability manufacturer retail wholesale

 insurance the definition is quite different. The reason for the disparity is primarily dictated by the US Court systems and here is why. Typically, in the event of a product liability insurance suit, the courts will rarely, if ever, export a claimant overseas to obtain satisfaction when injuries are involved, either bodily injury or property damage, and will contrarily opt to settle the claim here on domestic soil. This being the case, the first link in the domestic chain of the product’s life often becomes liable for damages and judgements that arise from the use of the product. What this means plays a tremendous part in how your insurance policy is written, because whether you are directly importing a product directly from overseas, having a product manufactured for you overseas (especially if that product bears your company name) or marketing a product that is to be delivered directly to an end-user or retailer, that originates from overseas, then this makes you the first link in the domestic chain, so whether you consider yourself a distributor, retailer, or wholesaler, or an importer, for purposes of product liability insurance, YOU ARE A MANUFACTURER.  



Stunt Coverage For Film Production and Video Production Insurance

Stunt Coverage now available for Film Production Insurance and Video Production Insurance Coverage

Stunt Insurance is avail for the following classifications of Production Insurance Coverages we Offer:

Short Term Productions

Single low budget production taking place in the US.

Short Term Productions II

Single production or series taking place in the US.

Annual Productions

Multiple productions taking place in the US.

For Insurance Purposes, stunts are categorized as follows:

Self Driving Cars

Will Self Driving Cars Be programmed to Play God?

While at a recent continuing education class, the topic of *Self Driving Cars* arose. The concern from an insurance stand point is "Who would be liable in the event of an accident?" The driver, the auto manufacturer, the system designer?

Who is driving the car?

To date Google's self driving cars have driven in excess of 1,500,000 miles, and although there have been 12 accidents, none of them have been the fault of the self driving car. As these self driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, begin to roll out, however, there will be, during the transition in, both manually driven and autonomous vehicles sharing the road. The problem arises here... You are occupying a self driving car, heading towards you is a semi truck, to your right is a vehicle occupied by an elderly couple, to the left is a woman pushing a stroller with 2 infants. The computer system identifies the scenario and determines that someone has to die. It'll be either you, an elderly couple without much life left to live, or a mother and her two children.
Now what?
It stands to reason that these systems will need to be programmed with risk mitigation analysis to minimize the cost and severity of a claim. The question remains, will these be published scenarios with full transparency that clearly state what the outcome the systems will choose when faced with these situations? With assisted self driving cars to roll out as early as 2017 and fully autonomous vehicles slated to hit the streets as early as 2020, there are several obstacles that will need to be overcome. However the severity of the incident will no longer be determined by the driver, nor will the potential outcome of your life, it will be determined by a computer programmer. 


Self Driving Cars


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